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Promotion Activities


Good morning,

This is to bring to your attention this small photovoltaic system , made by one of our partners specialized in the field of energy saving.


The plant does not take up more than 6 square meters. surface and the cost of the investment - compared to the savings - is really contained .


Cost can also be funded directly by the partners through their financial operators or by requesting a personal loan considered, as already mentioned, that the investment is really small (except audits and budgets for each specific case we say that could be considered an investment of about 1,000 EUR per sqm. ) .


Even if you already have your knowledge , I report below at least 6 good reasons to consider investing in photovoltaic energy saving of your family :

- Reduction in electricity bills forever

- Clean and inexhaustible source of energy : a photovoltaic system has a useful life well in excess of 30 years, during which time you will be protected from rising energy costs and you'll independent from traditional sources

- Increase the value of your home

- Choice of custom solution : You can choose from a wide variety of installation solutions . The plant coplanar with traditional coverage to innovative solutions fully integrated into the roof. The installation of a traditional system requires a maximum of two working days and does not involve any work or construction work on the roof.

- Doubling of savings:

- Tax deduction : up to December 2013 will be possible to deduct for tax purposes , in the tax return, an amount equal to 50 % of the amount spent for the installation of the system ( with a maximum of € 96,000 per housing unit ), and thereafter the share will drop to 36 % of a maximum of € 48,000 per housing unit .





Start-Rec Ltd can put at your disposal the following products:

- Petroleum products - for direct contact with the seller mandate

- Copper - direct contact with the supplier

- Tracks used - direct contact with the supplier

- Chrome ore - direct contact with the supplier.

In case contacts us an intermediary, it’s necessary to subscribe an agreement between the parties including on the confidentiality agreement; in case contact us directly the customer, or subsequently through the intermediary, it will be necessary a formal request on letterhead of the company.

At your disposal.